Chapter 2

After David promises Sophie's mother not to tell anyone about her feet, he comes back to his house. His house and the farm are a large group of buildings, and the home is the only house in Waknuk with brick walls. It has a religious feeling. On the walls are numerous quotations from the Bible. The house was built by David's grandfather, Elias Strorm, who also started the town of Waknuk because the town where he grew up was not religious enough. Elias oneday brought home a wife who was a nice and happy girl twenty years younger than him, but Elias was so strict in his religion that she became uhappy and died. Joseph Strorm, David's father, grew up just as religious as his father, but he married someone who agreed with his religious views. David's father is a powerful man in the community. Although Waknuk has grown, his farm is still the largest in the area and Joseph is respected as a religious man.
The Fringes sometimes attact the town and steal and kidnap children. The people of Waknuk have asked for help from the government in Rigo but they never get it. Mostly, however, life in the town is peaceful.
People in Waknuk work hard, but David does not like working hard and avoids it. At the end of the chapter, he arrives home in time for supper. He looks at a quotation about mutants but does not connect it to Sophie.

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