Chapter 4

While David is having a conversation with Rosalid, using 'thought shapes', Uncle Axel stumbles apon him. After Uncle Axels inquires David, explains the ' thought shapes'. After leaning of Davids extra ability, he warns David not to let anyone else find out about it. He also suggests David give Rosalind that warning as well. Later on in the day, the town of Waknut experience another raid from the fringe people. of which some of teh leaders are captured and brought to Davids house. Roused by curiosity David rushes to see them. Apon arriving to where the fringe people are being held David first seems disapointed by the peoples apperience. While there David sees a man who seems to be in charge. The man has extremly long arms and legs, making him look like some kind of spider, that is not the only thing that alarms David though. The 'spider-man' looks shockingly like Davids own father. Later the next day Davids fathere gets into an argument with the inspecter about his neighbours unusually large horses. This gives us a little more insight to how the society runs, and Davids fathers feelings towards mutants.

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