Chapter 5

During the summer, David and Sophie play together in a secret lot. One day they decided to try and catch shrimp. Sophie took a risk by taking her shoes off to go in the water with David. A boy named Alan, whom David strongly dislikes, found them and seemed curious about Sophie. She tried to hide her feet in the water and David tried to cover for her, but it was no use. Alan noticed a defined footprint with six toes. David and Sophie were worried that more people would find out. They quickly went to Sophie's house and her parents decided that the best thing would be to move. David was upset that his best friend had to move away, but he realized it was neccessary. They told him to stay at their house all night so they could get away safely. Although, when David tried to sneak back home, his father and the inspector were looking for him. David's father asks him questions and becomes very angry with him. Later, the inspector tells David he knows that he was concealing a blasphemy. David kept denying this and pretended he didn't know what he was talking about. His father later whipped him. David feels remorseful for giving in and is worried about what will happen to Sophie.

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