Chapter 9

"Then there was pain, a demand pulling like a fish-hook embedded in my mind" (83). To Davids surprise, the pain that he had experienced was infact the doing of his little sister Petra. From this day,he realises that the eight of them had become nine. After finding out about her he became more protective of her. This was not only because she was nowone of them, but because he had had another dream. This time he dreamt of his father performing a deviation extermination cerimony on Petra. It frightened him, but made David realise that if they are not careful, something like that could happen.
On top of the stresses with Petra, the growing season had not been good and David's father seemed to be angry all the time. One afternoon David had decided to stop and talk to old Jacob, who was shoveling much in the yard. Old Jacob told him that these bad times were a sign from god. He and David also talked about the cases of people concealing deviations, due to the extremely poor season. David even found out about the consequences of this back when old Jacob was a child. David seemed to be appauled by what old Jacob had to say about the deviation extermination. Old Jacob was very opinionated about the subect, and David, although he was not fond of the was it was, was willing to listen.

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