David S Dream

David's city dream is a symbol of where David might be thinking of running away to, as well as another symbol or character of David that make's him different than other "normal" people. David has mentioned that he want's to run away from his home in Waknuk, and he could possibly attempt to run away South and search for this city that interests him. This dream also is a symbol of David being different from the "normal" people because, it is odd that he would dream of an place that has not been heard of or imagined by anyone else, that is why his sister told him not to mention it to anyone else.


David's other dreams, involving the two headed calf and Sophie, symbolizes what could happen to her if people found out about her extra toes. The dream also shows us just how passionatle the people of Waknut feel about mutants. Even thought this doesn't really happen it shows how grave Sophie's situation is, and how David is starting to question the society he is living in. Along with the beliefs he's been raised with. this is the begining of David accepting the fact that he is different, along with the fact that though they may have something extra, it doesn't make them not human.

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