David Strorm

He is "10 years old" (6).
He has unexplainable dreams that his sister "warned him very seriously not to mention it to anyone else" (5) and that it would be "unwise" (5).
He is left-handed, which even caused slight disapproval.
"even my left-handedness caused slight disaproval." (5)
He is a good problem solver: "I considered the problem. We'd better cut the laces so you can pull your foot out of the shoe" (8) and he ended up getting Sophie's foot out successfully.
He is convincing when he pursuaded Sophie that she needed to take her shoe off, when she didn't want to (because it would expose her extra toe) (8 & 9).
He is sympathetic: "I felt sorry for her distress" (11).
He likes Sophie: "May I come see her again soon" (13).
He is not judgemental because he sees Sophie as "simply an ordinary little girl - if a great deal more sensible and braver than most" (14).
David become miserable when talking to Uncle Axel about Anne: "I repeated, miserably" (95).

-David is clever: “It was not difficult at the midday meal to slip away from the table early and disappear until everyone would think someone else had found a job for me” (24).
-He can see the Past: “when I was quite small I would sometimes dream of a city which was strange because it began before I even knew what a city was” (5).
-He has telepathy: “without it I might have mentioned the curious understanding I had with my cousin Rosalind” (6).
-He is friendly. He had said “Hallo,” (7) to Sophie even though she was a stranger.
-He is curious: “where’s your home?” (7).
-He is playful and out going: “come and try” (7) he asked Sophie to come play too.
-He is very understanding: “Yes – of course” (12) he agreed to keep Sophie’s sixth toe a secret.
-He is confused by the meaning of keeping Sophie’s toe a secret: “I was puzzled by its evident importance” (13).
-He is very knowledgeable about the bible because he knows many of the scriptures: “only the image of god is man” (18).
- Angie Catena

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