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David begins and finishes the novel with a vision of a city, because that's how he sees it, and in the whole book the people of Waknuk are fighting so hard to be that city that's normal, and safe. He's just showing you his feel and views and what he's come to see.

She died from being shot in the upper arm first, kept trying to run away, and was shot once more in the back of the neck, to which she stumbled into the dust. He explained it so vividly, to get a feel of sympathy and sadness, and to picture the pain she was going through. It was a tragic part in the story and he wanted to show that.

What the Fringes man means by that is, they life in such a strict and pretty tough crowd. Everything is normal, trying to keep everything the same as much as possible, which takes the fun out of what life really is, he means that they're taking the life they've been blessed with and just wasting it away with pointless things that shouldn't be a matter or issue.

She is quite wise, she isn't really there to give them pity, but to wake them up, the people that have noticed to take action, because they way they're living isn't quite right. She helps them realize what they have to do, and gives them her opinion to which has noticeably been kept bottled up.

Mr and mrs Morton help rosalind by assisting with what she needed for the road such as packing necesseties and transaportation. This tells you that even if it is illegal to help mutants like that, that sometimes what they're told isn't always right, and that they followed what they believed was right.

Quite frankly love works anyway it wants, we can not help what we love. Now it is strange because they're related, but they aren't by blood, hence the half-cousin so it's only by marriage that they're related. You can't really judge love because it's easier said than done, like giving it up because to some people it's considered "wrong". Truthfully it's none of anyones business of what personal relationships people have with one another.

On page 179, we learned that the Old People had some God like powers and they had messed around and took advantage of these powers“There was the power of gods in the hands of children” (179). Also, about the Badlands, “have seen badlands before, but none of us had ever imagined anything quite so terrible as this” (179) it means probably the Sealand people have'd ever travelled as far it goes.

The Sealand's weapon which she used over the battle was a constante stream of sticky, silk like webs "like a cobweb, but sticky" (189). It's a special weapon that paralyzes anyone it touches and will eventually kill them. The Sealand woman flew over the battle in order to take her shot with her web ability, killing a large group of people. It's a weapon which makes more mercely than the others they used "The plastic threads contract as they dry. A man who struggles and entangles himself soon becomes unconscious. It is more merciful than your arrows and spears" (195).

Sophie's life was pretty much ruined after escaping from Waknuk. Sophie's new home home was also horrible compared to the house she had in Waknuk. We learned through the book that she lives in a cave "“a cave about fifteen feet deep and nine wide, cut out of the sandy rock” (169). Not only that but where she sleeps was even more horrible and was made “of small branches, with skins and a tattered blanket on it” (169). What a horrible life she had, ruined.

In David's society there's an occupation called the inspector, which, "…is to inspect every child that is born, every animal that is born, and every crop that is grown to judge whether the babies are in "the true image of God" The true image of god is one body, two arms and hands, two legs and so forth, anything abnormal is considered a deviation, a mutant. With the inspector, he approves if you're a norm or not, and if you're considered normal you are fine but, if you fail the test, you can stay in Waknuk but be hated against or be sent to live in the Fringes.

In my opinion, I think David and Rosalind are a great couple. I agree with the point where they are described as related to each other. Yes, it is wrong but, on their period of tim, perhaps there was nothing wrong with it. They both love eachother, can communicate telepathicly. Also I think if they ever fal in deep love it would create some conflicts aswell. David's and Rosalind's parents hate each other and if they find out that both of their children are in love, perhaps it would create the problem even much greater through the family.

From the beginning of the novel i learned how Uncle Axel really wants to protect David and his group. When i read about Alan's tradigy, I was thinking, who murdered Alan and why? then I remembered that Uncle Axel told David that he well protect him and keep the secret with him.
As I started reading, I also remembered that Uncle Axel had told David that David himself should kill Anne or Alan to protect the group. When David refused to Uncle Axel's opinion, you could tell that Uncle Axel had to do something with Alan's tradigy because we know how protective he is and how he really wants to pretect the people he loves.

John Wyndham chose not to reveal the "defect" in Harriet's baby because it builds up suspence and shows how Waknut has become in a cruel situation. Waknut now with all the fear, it approves of how people now have to follow these strict rules. Also, perhaps the author did not reveal it because it shows how insignificant stuff can ruin the life of a family.

The role of the inspector in David's society is that he is one of the people with the most authority to say if he is a "norm" or a "mutant."
The inspector had full authority to catch a deviation and deal with it. When the "Inspector" inspects the baby of the family, he inspects if the baby has a physical mutation against the "Image Of God." H e has the rights to tell if his good or needs to be sent to the "Fringes." I agreed with Nejla's point of view that states "he's pretty much the eye of the people."

Petra even though she is the youngest of the group, she has become the strongest of all. Her telepathic abilities are way much stronger in certain reasons. First of all she has a new ability where she can attract other when she is in danger or and any situation "like a fish-hook embedded" (83) Another ability of what she was born with was that she has the most powerful range and potential of all the others. Also she can eventually able to communicate with others around the world. She is the only one that can communicate to the Sealand throughout her telepathic ability.

Uncle Axel is a trusted advisor and guide to David. Uncle Axel, whom is David's confidant, executes a vital role in helping David understand why Waknuk will not accept his special ability. Unlike some other adults, Uncle Axel teaches, explains and helps David understand about Waknuk's rules and their views on people who are different form the image of God. H e has his own ways to communicating with David in a kind and humorous way. "Wouldn't it be more fun to do your chattering with some of the other kids?" (30)

Joseph Strorm is the opposite from Uncle Axel. As it is described on chapter four, Joseph Strorm is a man who is disturbed by anything different from the norm and has no tolerance for Offences or Blasphemies. In other words, Joseph Strorm does not accept anything even the most minor against the norm's physicallity looking throughout "The Image Of God." If he found about David's telepathic abilities, Joseph wel feel discust and probably turn him over to the "Inspector."

If I was suddenly gifted with David's telepathy, I would probably sit down and ask my self, why did I receive this gift? How did I get this gift? Is their any purpose of this? I would get scare if time goes by and still don't know any information. Just like Brad stated, I would probably think that i was going insane. I would ask for help from a mental hospital.

Joseph Strorm has his own points of view with the new rules which had been given to the residents on Waknut. His mainly point of view which makes him different is that he needs to judge others that are not in the true "Image Of God." Not by their intelligence but for their physical mutation.
Elias Strorm has the opposite point of view from him. His point is that all we humans are son of God which makes us all the same even though for the mutations, from the inside we still have the same heart.

Waknut was viewed it past history as Elias coming from the East and settling in Waknut, an undeveloped country. Elias Strorm came to Waknut because he did not believe in the rules of the "Image of God." He arrived to the land with all his stuff being carried with six wagons.

I agree with Victoria, I think that David didn't ask if his father was part of the search party because he didn't want to know. He probably figured that he was, but may have had that small inch of hope that we wouldn't be. He probably wanted to think that his father might realize Waknuk's beliefs weren't ideal and accept David's differences, but in reality that would never happen. The book states "he could catch Michael's 'yes' "forming before he could suppress it" (p.181). It seems like he knew at the back of his mind, but he would much rather try to ignore it and move on.

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