Life Connections

Anne Boleyn
Anne Bolely (sencond wife of King Henry VIII) was like Sopie in a way because she was known to have an extra finger on her left hand.

Davids society relates to our past societies in many ways. The technological period they are in is similar to that of slightly post medievil times. Both times travel by horse and wagon. they live in wooden houses and realy on farming to provide food for them. They combat there enemies with small armies wielding swrods, daggers, and spears. They hunt using bows and arrows. David's society has just discouvered guns but they are still slow and innaccurate, that of what a musket is. Clothing is not delved into much but they most likely wore similar clothes to post medievil times. The roles men and women play are similar, men spend they day farming and tending to livestock. Women stay in the house and cook and clean. The children help the mother or father with there chores and findtime to go and play. The Old People and the small details we know about them also relate to our current society, mining, powerful motors…etc. and even tribulation is similar to what could happen with global warming, intense storms and mass devistation throughout forests.

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