The movie, Gattaca relates to The Chrysalids due to the fact of acceptence. In Gattaca, you were either a Valid or an Invalid. In The Chrysalids, you are either a Norm or Mutant. In both cases, you either fit in or you don't and the community is very judgemental of who you are.

The movie X-men is similar to The Chrysalids because both are related to mutant. In X-men, mutants who possess special powers are not accepted in their society so Professor X creates builds a speical mansion to keep young mutants safe. In The Chrysalids, mutatnts are treated as Blasphemy in Waknuk, as well, and sent to the fringes. In both cases, being different is not allowed in the community.

The Chrysalids relates to this movie because everything that was known before, was destroyed somehow and nobody knows how or why. There are only nine people (in nine) that were left, and that could relate to how there is only like 9 people (now, because of Petra) in the Chrysalids that are "closer to the real image of the old people" because they have telepathic abilities.

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