Petra Strorm

David's younger sister who is also able to communicate telepathically. Petra's abilities are slightly different from those of David and the others. The difference in abilities is that Petra has a stronger force of communicating. When David had saved Petra from drowning, he described what the force felt like to him. He said that "it was as if something had hit him physically, inside his head" (p.83). Petras powers seem to be way more powerful then the others as hers can become more physical. In the book, Rosalind quoted refering to Petra that she is "something like us, but not one of us. None of us could command like that. She's something much more than we are" (p.84). I think this quote describes perfectly the difference between her and the others. Petra also has the abilty to communicate telepathycally at a very long range. Petra was able to communicate with the Sealady, who was very far away, when no one else was able to.

- Victoria Venesoen

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