Sayings On The Wall

On the walls in peoples homes in Waknuk, there are "sayings, mostly from repentences" (18). They say things like WATCHING THOPU FOR THE MUTANT! and ONLY THE IMAGE OF GOD IS MAN. I think these show the intensity of their religous veiws. I also feel that having them on the walls teach their children that deviations are wrong.

The saying on the wall are symbols of how language can oppress people. In Sophie's house at the beginning, there are no sayings on the wall, but in David's house, there are. David noticed this he says that Sophie's house felt warm and he made a promise to Sophie's mother to keep their secrets. He also says that he felt Sophie's mother had a little bit of telepathic power.
His own house is cold and oppressive because David's family believes and following the words of their religion strictly. Later, when Sophie rescues David, Rosalind, and Petra, David is reminded of the fact that there were no words on the walls in their house. David and Sophie have personal loyalty that is based in feelings not in law. The people in Waknuk are together because they follow the words of the law which is oppressive.

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