Sophie Wender

She has a "small sunburned" (7) face "clustered about by dark curls" (7). Her eyes "somewhat sparkled" (7).
She is shorter than David and "perhaps a little younger."
She wore reddish-brown dungarees with a yellow shirt when she met David.
She likes to have fun, be excited, and be happy: "Is that fun? She inquired with a wistful look" (7). And "her eyes were dancing with excitement" (7).
She is emphatic: "She was so emphatic that I [David] was baffled" (8) about keeping her shoe on when her foot got stuck, because she didn't want David to see her 6 toes.
"She was very brave. Nothing more than puppy noises" (9) when she experienced a lot of pain. "I [David] think she's awfully brave too. It must of hurt a lot" (12).
"She has six 6 toes" (13). "It [her foot] had more than the usual number of toes" (13).
She is sensible and brave: "More sensible and braver than most" (14).

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