The "Spider-man" in The Chrysalids represents a whole different form of "outcasting". In The Chrysalids, the "Spider-man" is Joseph Strorm's brother, and would be the heir to Waknuk, if not found to have a "deviation". the deviation that is talked about is that he is extremely long and lanky. It makes you wonder who found this to be a deviation, and if his own brother might have been the one to say something so that he could be the heir to Waknuk instead. The spider-man shows that everyone is willing to go against eachother to get what they want, and shows how serious they are about deviations and how obsessed they are with the "norm"

-"His name's Gordon." (p167)
- Looks like David's father - "The sight of his face jolted me with panic for a moment - it was so like my father's." (p160)
- "He was thought to be normal until he was about three or four years old. Then his certificate was revoked, and he was sent away." (p160)
- Joseph's older brother - According to David, "My father had an elder brother." & "The eldest son." (p160)
- "His mother loved him." (160)
- Looks like a spider - "He stretched out his long arm" (160) & "He stood some eighteen inches taller than anyone else, but not because he was a big man. If his legs had been right, he would have stood no taller than my father's five feet-ten; but they were not: they were monstrously long and thin, and his arms were long and thin, too. It made him look half-man, half-spider…." (34)
- Knows about the group - "From what I've heard, you should have ways of finding out." (162)

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