Summary Chapter 1

When David was yound he says that he would have these dreams of a big city. This city that David would see in is dreams was clustered on the curve of a big blue bay.He says he would see things that he had never seen before such as the sea, or a boat. In his dreams he would see things as if they were in the future, for example he says he had seen carts being drove without a horse, meaning that David was living in the olden days and had dreams about the future. He would tell about his dream and people would deny his dreams saying that it was his own little world and that there was no such place as what he would describe to them. He only had thses dreams when he was little, but as he grew his dreams would fade and barely have them as to when they would be nights where the dreams would randomly come back.David had gone and met another girl named sophie. David was about nten and liked playing or what not, and would play by sitting and have somone give a big push, and he would go down at a fine speed, and then fly off a few feet through the air and land in a nice soft pile of sand. As he met sophie he asked her if she wanted to give it a try. Of course since shes a little kid she says yeah why not, but as she is going down at the nd her foot gets stuck between a couple rocks. The only way to get her foot unstuck was by taking her shoe off, she refused many times but David had convinced her into taking it off, and what surprised david was the fact that Sophie had 6 toes, she was hurt and in pain so they headed towards Sophies house.

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