The Bank

The bank was a place that David would play on, "it was far too big for me to think of as a thing that men could have built.."(6) I presume this is so because since this is in the area of Labrador, it is probably a dried up river and the crescent of where the waves would hit and the sandish bank has been somewhat preserved. The bank was clearly steep enough to get Sophie caught in between the rocks therefore it is probably big enough to have been a river."Coming round in a wide curve, and then running straight as an arrow towards the distant hills; just a part of the world, and no more to be wondered at than the river, the sky, or the hills themselves."(6) Nothing would really make sense other than a dried up river because a sandy bank running past the horizon in Northern Canada will only indicate that, other than the sand dug up from a mine, even then it wouldn't run that far.

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