The Fringe Camp

The Fringe camp is dominated completely by Deviant people, of all ages and deviations. "To the right ran a wall of the reddish cliffs again, not more than forty feet retainded the river, and the whole face was pocked by numerous holes, with ladders, roughly, made of branches, leading to the higher openings." pg. 159. The houses amoung the camp are nothing more than "crude huts and tents"pg 159.
The largest of the tents was in the middle, with the owner being non other than the "Spider-man". The "Spider-man" is also the leader of the camp, who has decided to decorate his tent with "the loot-presumably, of some raid- fastened over a framework of lashed poles". pg. 160.

The holes in the red cliff, are homes for the Fringe people aswell. Most have a curtain that can be strung over the front, when privacy is wanted.

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